Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013

Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013
Orlando LDS Temple

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Little Note From Elder Russo 04/14-Picture below, Tre Barns left botton, RJ, Mark ...back top left Jackson.....Missionaries now ! Amazing leaders!.

Hello Friends,
.....Elder Russo has been sending many paper letters to me It will be too hard for me to type all of them in to his blog, so until next a little note from him.Translating ..he is still writing in text mode.
I miss you all so much , it was so hard to say goodby. I love it here so much, it is amazing that in just a couple days, I am prepared to teach a investigator about our church in French for 30minutes.Yeah...unbelievable...learning very quickly.I love my companion , he is awesome, one of a kind, that's for sure.I will write tomorrow again. It is late...I am preparing for my next lesson tomorrow.
Love you Always
Elder Russo.

Ps:Please ask everyone to write me. I need letters.

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