Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013

Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013
Orlando LDS Temple

Monday, September 26, 2011

9/26/2011----doing great...moving soon!!

Hello mom and dad!!
Thank you for the package!!I miss American stuff so bad!!now all you have to do is figure a way to get taco bell here haha , and another thing how was the challenge i gave you all last week??did you do it??fill me in!this week went good nothing too knew some of the members fed us this week which was awesome! and today we are moving into our new apartment!! finally!i cant wait but unfortunately transfer's are in two weeks and i wont get to enjoy it fully, because there is a good chance that i might be leaving!but hey! my new address is
49 Rue Marceau
Perrutel 11000 Carcassonne
So yeah! It might change again so I will let you all know.
ha they deliver sushi in France!That's my ham and cheese omelet i made and the other is serge, the one I gave the flag to! hes such an awesome person who has had a very hard life you should of saw how happy he was to get it! on his birthday!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

New Letter from Elder Russo/New Pictures too...9/12/2011

Hey dad!
... and yeah the heat here has broken too and its been around 70 ish maybe lower which makes it so much better here, considering we wear black pants sock shoes a tie and button up shirt so it gets pretty hot here!im waiting for winter patiently!!thank you for the happy birthday, i had a pretty good birthday, we had district meeting that day and went a little farther down south to the city of Perpingnan and the sisters made me a big cake for my birthday and after that we missed our train to stay with the sisters because they cant be alone with an male investigator so when we were coming home (after miissing our orignal train) our train stops in a city called narbone then it continuies to carcassonne but because we missed our original train there wasn't any trains leaving for 2 hours so we got to go contacting around narbon and saw a bunch of sites which i will attach to this email. and the package is in geneva right now i told mom to send it to my apartment address but oh well, so i will get it once the president comes down to the south of France or something or zone conference im not too sure but i will look forward to it!oh and after we got back from narbone an investagator named thierry who is hilarious took me and elder smith to a Chinese restaurant and i ate for free since it was my birthday!and it was a nice one too!!and a buffet!annd i will be sure to check the package to see if it was packed right lol and if its possible can i get a total amount of whats in my account so i can convert it into euros and keep better track??i hope all is well at home i pray for you all as well as you pray for me!oh and just to keep things clear our member logged into facebook for me and liked all my birthday wishes and updated my status so it wasn't me :) I love you dad tell me about your new job?!
Elder Russo!

Elder Russo Still being spoiled by all the woman around him! Such a ladies men!!LOL

Monday, September 5, 2011

New Companion....9/5/2011

Hey Everyone!
It's been a good week! traveled a lot to BĂ©ziers and Toulouse!! also received another companion , Elder Smith, he is an awesome companion and a good person to be around!, nothing to epic this week , just doing the lords work!I'm looking forward to this upcoming week, a lot of members are going to feed me and some investigators are going to take me out to eat for my birthday this week!! which is amazing because no one feeds us here lol , its not like the states when they actually have to schedule them in haha, here once we here mangez-vous we go crazy!! but yeah not too much new or any pictures I'm still here in Carcassonne but once i move to another ville i will send some! love you all passez un bon semaine!!