Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013

Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013
Orlando LDS Temple

Monday, June 13, 2011

New pics and letter below.

New Letter from Elder Russo 06/13/2011

Hey mom! i hope you are on your email!so France is awesome right now im serving in Carcasssonne right now and its beautiful!! i took lots of pictures and im going to send it to you and everything!! Soooooo guess what? it's only been a week and Elder Bowen and I already have two set baptism dates!! Julie and Margero mother and daughter!! contacting is fun cause we get to go around the city but we cant really tract at all cause there are all apartments!today we went to this like which was awesome you have no idea but it sucked cause i didn't get to swim or anything or take my shirt off but it was still fun, I've also decided that i want to live here in france and you all should come too!! its wayyyyyy better than Missouri and its alllways warm!!!!!i love it. Elder Bowin is awesome coolest companion hes a hard worker unlike Elder Cheel in the mtc!his french is amazing and my stinks i cant communicate with anyone they speak so fast its crazy!!everything is going good , oh there is like 40 members total in the whole city here, no one comes to church, oh and you know how dads the first councilor of young mens?well i think i don't remember that well, well anyways dad dress up in his best suit and does his calling to his best the president of the young men come to church in jeans a pink button up with no tie and sandals, its weird, the elders are afraid no one will come to church if they crack down on that but i think its wrong, just cause they are french doesn't mean anything they should show the utmost respect for the lord but they don't which is a little aggravating cause its disrespectful! all is well here feel free to send American snacks and raman!! i miss it already, the food here is also awesome when elder Bowen and i aren't making it lol but when we go out its amazing, and we only go out once a week cause of the budget but yeah i love you and miss you and dad im going to send a ton a pictures save all of them on a hard drive for me and stuff!!love you !!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Letter from Mission President Carter-Toulouse France

Dear Parents of Elder Russo,

We are happy to report that Elder Russo arrived in Toulouse
yesterday! He was happy to be here, and
we were delighted to welcome him in the France Toulouse Mission, soon
to become the France Lyon Mission. This picture was taken moments
before he left with his new colleague to serve in Carcassonne.

We already love him, and we recognize all the sacrifices that you and
he have made so he could be here to serve His Savior. We will do all
we can while we're here, and we know President and Sister Murdock who
will take over the France Lyon Mission at the end of the month will
also do all that is possible to make Elder Russo's mission a
wonderful, uplifting and spiritual experience he will cherish for the
rest of his life.

May the Lord bless you as he faithfully serves here.

With brotherly love,

President Carter

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

06/07/2011-Elder Russo Arrived France

Our Son Elder Russo arrived France today, he is doing well and trying to get settle in his new home.
I always said...he is a true Prince Charming...he is now residing in Carcassonne France near by a Beautiful Castle.
Thank you for all the Prayers!!
Elder Russo proud mom

Monday, June 6, 2011

News 06/06/2011

Our Son Elder Russo is now in route to France, he will arrive tomorrow.
We all got to speak with him for a long time today, he is doing great! He asked me to tell everyone" THANK YOU" for all the letters and support these last few months.
His French is cute at this time, but he speaks well....I am so proud of him.
Elder Russo is traveling with a sister Missionary, that way he can protect her.Nice to travel with someone.
Well, thank you everyone, I hope you continue to write our son.Letters are great to keep the focus going and encouragement in this time of need. Learning a new language, new culture and making new friends it is the hardest thing anyone can do, but he also needs to learn the gospel in another language and teacher others, that will be really hard.
I had to do that myself at the age of 18, after 23 yrs, I still miss home, my country, my language and most of all my family and friend.
I will keep his Journey updated.See you again soon!!
Elder Russo's proud mom