Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013

Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013
Orlando LDS Temple

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Little something from Elder Russo---Sorry I have been distant from blogging!!

hey mom!!

im doing alright, i dont remember exactly what was happening last week but im pretty sure i was a great mood, this week has been deffinatly good, learning so much on my mission!! i even know how to cook!!haha cakes and dinners that are more than just cookies!!ohh i learned how to make cheese cake too!! haha ohhh the power i have now!! my french is getting better!! there are so many people here that are from brasil and from portugal its crazy i really wish i can speak protuguesse!! its sad knowing that mckeon has lost his chance to learn some of the most life changing things that happens on a mission, but after listening to the talk from Elder Hollad " Its never too late as long as the lord of the vineyard says its never to late" really helped me, i hope he comes back soon. loveyou mom have a great week!!

Elder Russo

Hey mom.

Free is good so i think i might come to school here for a year or to so i can finish my masters or something, and with all the money that i will be saving i can just fly home and see you guys every summer or you can just come to france and hangout with me during the summers but thats years from now so ill think about it later.

well i changed villes!! im in St Etienne now! im in a companionship of three here, its a nice little town. Its really pretty here, i think im going to like it but im going to be walking a lot more now. Im going to be needing some sturdy shoes, the shoes you sent me are awesome i love them but they are so unconfortable to walk in for long periods of time. but yeah i have lot of pictures but i cant find my memory card its somewhere in my bags!! oh by the way i will be sending some things home, i have accumulated to much stuff and i need to get rid of it.

I had a pretty good week, my last weekend in grenoble was sweet!! so on friday night we had a random firework show just out side iour apartment at this stadium, then the next day we went to the mountains with the members and played football and soccer and made fires and had a huge barbeque. then on the sunday the members prepared a huge feast for one of the sisters and for me so i had a really great weekend before i left.
but anyways!! how is the family?? how is gabi too? is she doing alright??give me a little update and oh here is my new address!!

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