Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013

Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013
Orlando LDS Temple

Monday, March 12, 2012

Something new from Elder Russo

My dear mother that i love so much!!

I've had a pretty good week, little crazy but unfortunately my stories this week are a little disturbing and not as cool, we got stopped by the police again but the cops were so nice they waited for me to stop talking to the guy named Marc until they told me that we had to leave, and then i asked him when or where could i go, and he told me "hey im not always here ok" , well he said it in french but they basically don't care, so it wasn't too bad, and we were finished anyway, a lot of people have been bugging and trying to mess with us lately, two girls flashed us in public the same day as the cops, just before, and its just so said that people are literally just trying to destroy our spirit, but we talked to some really amazing people and got a few numbers so I'm excited to see how that goes. but anyways how was your week?? hows church going for you, anything new?? besides the police and stuff nothing too exciting has been happening, work has been better but not the best, we had a zone conference and it was awesome, learned some sweet things!! i wish you all could go on a mission and learn the things i am learning, there's so much to the gospel that people just don't know and I'm so blessed to learn it and share it.
Here's my little miracle i had last night night,

last night a pretty bad wind storm came in out of no where and it was blowing our windows open and no one heard it so i got up to go and get it, cold and dark and scary, i went to shut the door and there was rain blowing at me and at that time i was fully awake, i was like great now i will never get back to sleep , and then my days going to be wrecked because i will be so tired, and let alone i was still scared because it felt like there was a tornado and things were getting tossed about outside and stuff, and i got on my knees and said a pray and as i said it i thought of Gabi's prayer, i thought about the power of a little child's prayer and i didn't notice at the time but after i said that prayer i passed out, completely knocked out the rest of the whole night and slept like a baby, and i woke up and i remembered what happened and i was just amazed, when having faith as unto a small child heavenly father will bless us and give us what we asked for, all i asked for was to go to bed and to not be scared anymore and he gave it to me, within minutes, im sol blessed to have this knowledge and opportunity to talk and communicate with my father in heaven, really touched me, so small but yet so big to me. Well i hope you all do well this week and continue on the righteous path, i love you all so much and hope you and the rest of the family stays safe!! love you mom, and i said this to dad too but even though your not my heavenly father you are my earthly mother who blesses me with things that only you can give me and i appreciate it and i am glad to be your son knowing the things you have taught me!! i hope you have a great week filled with joy, and when you are upset read the scriptures!! it will help i know it will!!

love Elder Russo

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