Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013

Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013
Orlando LDS Temple

Monday, May 7, 2012

Little something from Elder Russo

Hello Friends !!!
 Elder Russo is sorry for not emailing a long letter for everyone. He has moved again and again, now I think he will stay. He is now in Albi France, small town, not much there.He has a new French Companion and he is doing well. After reading his email today, he is happy and learning so much about Heavenly Father and himself. He is grateful for his family and friends and for the Gospel in his life. He asked for letters, it is hard sometimes at night.He loves reading.
Thank you for your love and support. Elder Russo will call this weekend for mothers day, I am so very excited. I will post more information next week.
I updated his  address. If you mail him anything, please send it to the Mission house or you can send it direct to his apartment, but use registered mail or Express mail. That way he will get it. Thank you !!

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