Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013

Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013
Orlando LDS Temple

Monday, January 23, 2012

Something from Elder Russo 1/23/2012

Hi mom!

..Yeah I know I got a good deal, I'm waiting for a sister from the church to hem it for me i should get it back Thursday...and I bought some shoes today for 8 euros, i got them so my feet wouldn't freeze in the rain until you send me new ones, did you read my last email?but anyways i had a pretty good week, things are going good, still no baptisms but here are some people who i think will be ready soon for it, it's a hard mission, these French people don't care about anything!but soon they will all change, I went to Lyon France on Wednesday and Thursday with the zone leader and that was pretty fun, it's a huge city!! French is getting better still hard but i can communicate just fine, i just can't express as well as i can in English, i can hardly teach in English too, lol i speak Franglish!! health wise I'm doing good too, I've learned how to cut my hair by my self too haha I'm still looking for a good missionary hair cut but i don't want the comb over haha but we will see. hows home going??everyone staying out of trouble??send me a email back and read the email about the ipod! love you!
Elder Russo

From: Randolph Russo
To: Stella Russo
Sent: Monday, January 16, 2012 11:25 AM
Subject: Re: hello

Hey mom!Yeah i know we have been working like crazy and finally we are getting good people!!one guy says he want's to be baptized but he want's to wait till he goes back to Africa to be baptized with his friends and family!but maybe we can work something out!and yeah i didn't like the last one too much it was very depressing there some times, ok cool i cant wait for the shoes!! i bought a suite for 40 euros today!!!what a steal! its a suit french suite too!!and i can have ipods but not ipod touch , but the ipod mini that is touch screen is allowed and its cheaper so if you could i would love that one :) i have music on my sd camera cards and im running out of space so an ipod would be better, and also you can just go online and buy and ipod(ipod nano touch) on the internet and they can send it straight to me without you having to pay to ship it to me for free so if you want, im glad your doing the program you can get a huge tv for your room after haha, and i saw the
pictures of gabi i wish i could of been there for the baptism, and conors feet may be big but hes not as big as me i still workout every day lol, and i eat somewhat good hopefully better than dad lol, email me back i still have time!!love you!

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