Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013

Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013
Orlando LDS Temple

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Something New From RJ 12/06/2011

Elder Russo is doing really well on his mission, some of the pictures show how hard he is working really likes his new companion and the new area.He said, finally he is not being chased by little muslin kids, not sure what he meant about that.
The weather is changing and getting very cold. RJ is learning so much about life, people, the Gospel and most of all Heavenly Father and Service.
He doesn't write much, you can tell. We chat for 15 minutes on Mondays....via email.
I will be mailing Elder Russo a package for Christmas Wednesday, December 7th. If you like to write him, please email me and I will print it out and include your letter in the box.
Thank you for your support.
Stella Russo

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