Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013

Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013
Orlando LDS Temple

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Letter....feeling better this week....05/03/11

Hey Everyone!
I've been hearing that my mom and family have been doing a great job with the blog and I hope everyone stays in touch with me, everyone who is reading this pass it along and tell them to write me or send letter thru until June 06/11!
I just started my fifth week at the MTC, it's going great, French is coming more fluently to me as the days goes by.And I can't testify enough the power of fasting and how it works amazingly, I'm fasting again today and I can't wait for the outcome of it, one of the most touched on topics here is prayer, and the importance of it! If any one has answers problems needs or anything let him ask of god! One of my favorite scriptures right now is Mosiah 10:3-5, I hope that's right ... it's hard to remember them sometimes here lol . Je sais que L'évangile et veritè, and i hope everyone else does as well! I love you all so much keep in touch with me,cause once I go to France the letters will be more expensive to mail it.
Love you all
Elder Russo


  1. Dear Son,
    I will always send you letters, no matter how much or how hard it will be to mail it.
    We all love you and miss you. We are happy for your amazing experiences.
    Love '

  2. Elder Russo, what a wonderful testimony about fasting you just shared. Your grandma Cecilia is here and she is saying that there is nothing we can't accomplish through fasting. It is a very powerful tool indeed. Vovo Cecilia is saying that she loves you and that she is very grateful for your great example and love. We have you in our prayers! Love you, titia Tati.