Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013

Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013
Orlando LDS Temple

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Something sweet for Elder Russo's momma 11/20/12

Dear Mother,
Happy Birthday!!!!
Ive decided that because i am too far away, and that im broke, and that the best presents are the ones from the heart so i just want to say thank you.
thank you for everything that you have done for me in my life, thank you for your nice and kind love that you have shown towards me my whole life, constantly loveing me when i mess up, always protecting me from the evils of the world, and from chores from dad :). Thank you for teaching me how to be a son of God, thank you for teaching me how to walk in the light, even though i have made mistakes in my life you were there of course with dad but you were there and you helped me get over my problems and forget about them and become a better person, thanks to you and the things you have taught me i have been prepared very well for my journey in life until this moment, i was reading my Patriarchal blessing telling me that Heavenly father sent me to you and dad for a reason, and boy how grateful i am to the Opportunity i have to be your son!! Mom you have and will have an everlasting effect on me for the rest of my life, im proud to be called a momma's boy, because like the 2000 stripling warriors, they were taught by there righteous mothers and they were protected because of their mothers, I love you mom and you are the best Mother in the world, the most knd, the most loving, the most understanding, the most funny, the strongest, and Im counting my blessing and mom you are deffinatly the best one :)

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