Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013

Mr & Mrs Russo 7-20-2013
Orlando LDS Temple

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hard work for Elder Russo

Hi Mom

I'm doing good, my feet are fine with my new dorky shoes, ha ha how has technology taken over our home?... save your money for buying cheesecakes and goodies for me ha ha!!
Ive started exercising at night when I can, I'm still big , I still have muscle mass but I'm gaining a little belly and I'm not too happy about that.. lol... but it will be gone soon... hopefully ha ha.....
but anyways I've  had a great week, I am the new district leader and i have a lot more responsibilities now and I am loving it and going to be traveling way more now, for example I'm gone all this week,  going to Toulouse and Lyon and then to Montpelier and all many more places I yet don't know. It will be fun!!  we had a surprise zone conference last Saturday , president Romney is changing and giving us a lot of new things to help us work better with the members, its making me realize that the mission quote" is not just tracking and contacting" but the real success is with the members, which is true, i hope when i get hope i will get the chance to work with the elders a lot more than i did before! Our branch here in Albi is doing a 40 day consecutive fast for missionary work ( one member fasts each day equaling a total of forty days) and we are seeing the results, people are contacting me!! and I have been meeting some really nice people!! So yeah, oh today is my 8 month mark, so weird saying that, i feel like i have so much left and at the same time i feel like i have nothing left, its weird.
well mom i have to go, I am going to Toulouse in a few hours I need to prepare for that. I  love you so much and make sure Gabi emails me again and Conor too!!!
Love you love you love you Love you love you love you Love you love you love you Love you love you love you Love you love you love you
Elder Russo

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